What areas do you install earthquake valves?

We service the entire Bay Area.

How long does the installation of the earthquake valve take?

Installations take about one hour, slightly longer for meters under houses.

Do you need to shut off the gas to my house during the installation process?

Yes. Your gas service will temporarily be halted during installation.  However, when we turn your service back on we'll relight the pilots on your appliances. 

Living in the Bay Area, will small earthquakes be tripping the valve unnecessarily?

No. The earthquake valve is designed to safely shut off the gas supply in larger, more dangerous earthquakes which are more likely to cause serious damage from a gas leak.  

Will I have to purchase and install a new earthquake valve after each 5.4+ quake?

 No. These devices are fully capable of being manually reset and will be ready to protect your house again during the next major earthquake.  (*always contact PG&E or your local gas supplier after an earthquake to turn your gas supply back on and inspect your gas appliances for any leaks and safe operation).

Can I get PG&E to install an earthquake valve for me? 

No. PG&E does not offer installation of earthquake valves.  

Does PG&E endorse any particular type of gas shut off valve?

Currently PG&E does not endorse any type of valve.  However, they do have strict guidelines as to how the devices are to be installed.  In some cases, they will remove an earthquake valve device if it is installed incorrectly.  We fully understand and adhere to all of PG&E requirements for installation.  For more information from PG&E visit www.pge.com.

Are earthquake valves required by law?

Local laws vary by city and county.  Currently you will be required to install a valve in Alameda and contra Costa County if you are remodeling your home and spend more than $5000. If you buy or sell a home you will need one.  It is going in the direction by the end 0f 2016 most cities in the bay area will be requiring these valves.

 What if I have other questions?

Just call 510-375-6389